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The Everlasting Herb Farm was established in 2003 in the beautiful and historic village of Peacham, Vermont. Our 1860 farmhouse is located just 3 miles outside of the village center in a quiet section of town called Greenbay.  When working out in our gardens we can hear the call of the loons who summer here on Martin’s Pond, just down the hill.

We are dedicated to gardening organically and in harmony with our entire ecosystem. We compost all of our food scraps and yard waste. We use cover crops like oats and alfalfa, which nourish the soil and also get harvested to nourish our bodies.  We plant beneficial plants for insects and butterflies, and have great reverence for the weeds most gardeners love to hate.  Mason bees have nesting blocks here, as pollinators need lots of help these days.  There is also a trail for endangered plants along the woodland edge of our property.  We are constantly learning new ideas which we happily implement here at our farm. 

Almost all of our products have been reformulated with 100% organic ingredients and the end result is an even higher quality prouct for our customers. Many products come unscented or can be made without scent upon request.

We feel it is important to give back to our community. Everlasting Herb Farm makes donations to the Vermont Food Bank, local scholarships, local community events and school fundraisers where Wendy teaches at Oxbow High School, in Bradford, Vermont.

Since Wendy was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic from 1990-92, we feel strongly about supporting a project started by a fellow Peace Corps friend called “Building Houses, Building Relationships.” Schools and churches are encouraged to come together to build houses in the Dominican Republic for needy families who are severely impoverished. Everlasting Herb Farm helps to pay part of the construction foreman’s salary to keep the project going. Over 86 houses have been built so far, and countless people have benefitted from this amazing project. Check it out HERE.

Everlasting Herb Farm was featured in a WCAX video HERE.

Petunia Bouquet

The Victorians loved gardening, botany and nature. Let these Victorian traditions become part of your family traditions.  Infuse your life with the beautiful, slower paced country living we enjoy here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

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