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rose bar

Fizzing Bath Bombs: Our bath bombs make bath time fun and relaxing. People of all ages love these. We make them with baking soda, citric aid and clay and mold them by hand. Scent your bath bomb with an organic essential oil (either Lavender or Lemongrass) or Rose fragrance oil.
Bath Bombs
1 Pkg
(2 Bath Bombs)
3 Pkgs
(6 Bath Bombs)
Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil
Rose Fragrance Oil

Mists: An 8 oz. mist bottle in your choice of scents.  

100% Organic Lemongrass
     An uplifting, happy scent

8 oz. Mist Bottle


100% Organic Lavender Mist
     A relaxing, calming scent

8 oz. Mist Bottle


99% Organic Floral Mist
Our floral mist comes in our signature scent, which is a heavenly blend of lavender and rose geranium essential oils.  It is great to spray on your skin to cool you down on a hot day or as a perfume.

8 oz. Mist Bottle

Rose Flower Bar



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