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Sleep Pillows

Sleep Pillows100% Organic Vintage Linen Sleep Pillow: Sewn from vintage linens, these sachets are filled with organically grown rose petals, hops, chamomile and lavender buds. No extra scent is added. These will last a long time. Just crush the herbs to refresh the relaxing scent of the herbs. Place these under your pillow, but inside your pillowcase, to help lull you to sleep.

100% Organic Vintage Linen Sleep Pillow

Eye Pillows100% Organic Vintage Linen Eye Pillow: Our eye pillows are sewn from vintage linens and filled with organic flax seeds and organic lavender buds. Place over the eyes and rest.

100% Organic Vintage Linen Eye Pillow

Herb Filled Satin Sachets: Approximately 3x4 inches in size. Chose from the options below:

  Sachet Bag

Organic Lavender Buds in a Purple Satin Bag
Organic Balsam Fir in a Green Satin Bag
Organic Rose Petals in a Pink Satin Bag
Organic Hops in a Green Satin Bag


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